Our Story

In Norse mythology the sons of Ivaldi are the master craftsmen who built Skidbladnir, the finest Viking ship ever, as well as Gungnir, the spear of Odin.

This level of craftsmanship inspired others to create their own works, the competition leading to the creation of Draupnir, the ring of Odin and Mjolnir the hammer of Thor.

It is with this same commitment to fine craftsmanship and the highest levels of customer service that Ivaldi Furniture brings our range of furniture and accessories to Newcastle and the Greater Hunter.

For far too long the emphasis in much of the furniture industry has been to make things cheaper, items which are soon broken or discarded, replaced over and over again. At some point price was confused with value and as a result pride in craftsmanship was lost.

Ivaldi Furniture has partnered with a select range of Australian and Scandinavian manufacturers who still take pride in delivering both quality and value. Our products are made by men and women who have served apprenticeships in their chosen fields, now building as craftsmen, taking care and pride in their work.

Whether you are looking for a Tasmanian blackwood dining table, a Stressless Norwegian recliner or an Australian made sofa or occasional piece we can help you find the perfect addition to your home.

Alternately we can work with you to construct a custom piece crafted to your taste and style.

As a member of the Furniture One co-op we can also source any number of thousands of items through their network of partners and suppliers, both locally and abroad.

Locally owned and operated and with a wealth of industry experience, let our team assist you with furnishing needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom.

Drop into our showroom and see how we can work together to furnish a room or an entire house.
You’ll feel comfortable with Ivaldi – the home of Stressless across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

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